tefl online pro YouTube video reviews.

This summer, we decided to provide an additional way with which our potential customers can source (verified) tefl online pro student and graduate reviews – the tefl online pro YouTube channel.

We currently have five video reviews on the tefl online pro YouTube channel, and we plan to gradually introduce more as the school years progress forward.

There are just so many fake TEFL/TESOL course reviews (of some other TEFL/TESOL providers) published on the web, and we have always sought ways in which to ensure that our potential customers at least can be assured that the customer feedback which they find of the tefl online pro program is genuine customer feedback.

Some of the less reputable programs out there are notorious for publishing fake reviews – schools essentially writing reviews of their own products, under the guise of genuine customers.

There are (besides our video reviews) three other excellent sources for genuine tefl online pro student feedback:

  1. The school website.
  2. The tefl online pro company Facebook page.
  3. Trusted TEFL Reviews – the independently-run Online TEFL/TESOL reviews website.

In addition to these sources, we also list verified tefl online pro reviews here on this website:

We started this website because we were so tired of the actions of some of our competitors, who were trying to undermine our hard work through their misleading negative campaigns online activity.

Yes, as with most online businesses, the Online TEFL/TESOL industry is highly competitive and extremely prone to competitors attacking competitors.

We choose to take the high road, and this was the reason for the setting up of this blog website.

Please do remember that the official tefl online pro school website is 🙂

And lastly, one of our main sources of customer feedback is when new clients enroll in our courses because they often have been recommended to do so by past alumni of the tefl online pro international TEFL/TESOL certification course program.

We hope you enjoy watching these videos! 🙂

Teaching English online for Preply and Palfish / Teaching English overseas in South Korea

TEFL Online Pro video review number 10: Noor, an August 2020 TEFL Online Pro graduate, speaks about how her TEFL/TESOL qualification has helped her find teaching work online for PalFish and Preply. Noor is currently at the end of the process of moving to South Korea, to teach English within the EPIK government organization. Watch all the TEFL Online Pro video reviews on the Reviews tab of the school website:

TEFL Online Pro Reviews | Astrid | Professional 120-Hour

Astrid’s TEFL Online Pro review describes her 120-Hour (Professional) TEFL/TESOL study experience, and she discusses her future teaching English plans.

TEFL Online Pro Reviews | Noor | Teaching English Online

Noor’s TEFL Online Pro review outlines her 140-Hour (Hybrid) TEFL/TESOL course experience, and she speaks about teaching English online.

TEFL Online Pro Reviews | Nico | 140-Hour Hybrid

Nico, a recent graduate, provides his TEFL Online Pro review of the 140-Hour Hybrid international TEFL/TESOL certification course.

TEFL Online Pro Reviews | Annelise | Teaching in Austria

Annelise, from the USA, gives her TEFL Online Pro review of the 120-Hour Professional Online TEFL/TESOL international certification course.

TEFL Online Pro Reviews | Alison | Teaching Entrepreneurship

Alison, from the UK, is a recent course graduate. This is her TEFL Online Pro review of the 120-Hour Professional Online TEFL/TESOL international certification course.

For further tefl online pro customer video reviews, please check out the tefl online pro YouTube channel.

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