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tefl online pro reviews.

Read verified tefl online pro customer reviews, written by real people, published on the leading independent Online TEFL/TESOL reviews website – Trusted TEFL Reviews:


Verified customer reviews can also be viewed on the TEFL Online Pro YouTube channel and Facebook page:



Customer reviews also feature in the Reviews page, on the TEFL Online Pro official school website:


And, of course, you can view video testimonials from our customers on this website page: https://tefl-online-pro-reviews.com/tefl-online-pro-video-reviews/

On the majority of our school website pages at teflonlinepro.com, we also feature testimonials from past alumni. As an example, here are testimonials written by 120-Hour Professional Online TEFL/TESOL course graduate, Stephanie, and 60-Hour Fast-Track Online TEFL/TESOL course graduate, Andrew:

teflonlinepro.com customer testimonials

Here are some examples of TEFL Online Pro reviews, recently published on our company Facebook Page:

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And of course, our Online international TEFL/TESOL certification course program reviews feature on other independently-run websites, where TEFL/TESOL certificate programs are unable to manipulate their school reviews through paid advertising and affiliate marketing.

On the subject of affiliate marketing, we recently wrote a blog post that (partially) looks at the dark underbelly of Online TEFL/TESOL course reviews:


The blog post also explains more about TEFL Online Pro reviews and of the transparency with which we run our international Online TEFL/TESOL certification courses program.

18th May (2022) update: the following are a few of the Trusted TEFL Reviews that TEFL Online Pro has received so far this year:







Here is a selection of verified-as-trusted reviews of the tefl online pro program:

“I rate my overall experience 5/5”

“ACTEFLC Accredited”

“all the positive reviews represent the true course experience with tefl online pro”

“My 4.5/5 stars rating for this fully accredited TEFL/TESOL program”

“120 hour Professional”

“I’ve rated the tefl online pro program the maximum score.”

“All in all an outstanding course”

“Getting teaching work with the certification was a piece of cake”

“Without any doubt, I am giving this hidden TEFL gem full marks”

“With the discount, I paid about $200 for the course and so far it is excellent”

“I am sure there are good and bad companies to take your TEFL with out there, and my experience with tefl online pro puts them on the top of that pile. Especially with how much support they help you with”

“Love tefl online pro. Love teaching English in Thailand!”

“If you are thinking of taking the jump into TEFL, then tefl online pro are the people you should go through. Their support is amazing”

“I am greatly disappointed, and most displeased”

“Definitely one to consider if searching for online TEFL tuition!”

“My name is Alistair Harris. I took the tefl online pro Hybrid course in January/February 2020. And I am giving it a well-deserved 95% rating”

“Five star course and five star service”

“Overall, a superb school but just wish they were more available on Sundays”

“I had a great experience with Tefl Online Pro”

“Can see why teflonlinepro are the top-rated school to take your tesol online with”

“Have recommended Tefl Online Pro to friends”

“the tefl online pro 120 hour TESOL course online was really great value for money”

“120 hour TESOL online course review TEFL Online Pro”

“The TEFL Online Pro course has been nothing but positive experiences”

“120 Hour TESOL Professional TEFL Online Pro certification”

“10 out of 10 for TEFL Online Pro”

“140-Hour Hybrid Tesol from Tefl Online Pro”

“I took the 120-hour TEFL/TESOL course”

“Teach English online through the tefl online pro TESOL program”

“I recommend this program to anyone wanting to get TESOL/TEFL certified”

“The content covered in the Fast Track course was thorough and impressive”

“I am a recent graduate of TEFL Online Pro’s Professional (120 hour) course online”

“TEFL Online Pro are totally deserving of the 2020 Teachers’ Choice Award!”

“This program got me to where I had my heart set on teaching English”

“The 140 Hour Hybrid course was fantastic value for money”

“The customer service was excellent”

“The course gave me the qualification I needed to teach English online”

“I am so happy that I came across TEFL Online Pro”

“The job support I received was very helpful”

“This course was a life-saver for me”

“I teach for 3 online teaching companies because of the support I received from the TEFL Online Pro job assistance service”

“I recommend this school if you are looking for a cheap and easy way of getting the international Tefl certificate”

“Deciding on the TEFL Online Pro certification program was really a no-brainer”

“I rate my overall experience 5/5”

“The course program fees were within my budget range”

“TEFL Online Pro have completely delivered on everything they promised”

“If I had to describe TEFL Online Pro in one word, it would be Exceptional”

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